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Partnering with Paydby to develop a brand from scratch and launch a new mobile financing app.

Paydby is dedicated to providing people who are working towards a financial goal with a simple, trustworthy and modern platform that enables them to reach their goal within an empowering group environment.


Paydby came to us with an idea for a new app that would encourage people to meet their shared financial goals. With little other than an idea in the making, Paydby needed an entire brand, pre-launch strategy and intuitive User Experience. The brand and app needed to be bright, fun and collaborative while also being trustworthy and sensitive to the difficulties many young people face with their finances.


Our partnership with Paydby worked to redefine what a “mobile financing app” could mean with clean, bright and exciting design and in-app capabilities that no other app on the market offers.

Young people desire to do life together.

We took inspiration from Paydby’s vision for young Australians and an understanding that young people desire community. This drove the direction of the brand, pre-launch strategy and UI/UX to tell a powerful story about the problem Paydby solves.

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98 sign ups for early access in first month

491 followers across Social Media in first four months

652 website visits in first month after app announcement

5,717 reach on explainer video across Social Media

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