Making Vision, Mission & Values Meaningful

Developing Vision, Mission and Values statements to inspire growth, give direction and build unity internally.

Solution: Strategy Labs

Outcomes: Half-day strategy lab in Sydney with National franchisees of Sentinel Homes, Facilitated process that led to Vision, Mission & Values, Presenting VMV to group in Auckland

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Sentinel Homes is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing home building franchises. Sentinel Homes came to SWARM Strategy with the challenge of guiding them towards distinguishing their Vision, Mission and Values. Ultimately, the purpose of this project was to inspire internal teams, build leadership and culture, as well as drive competitive advantage in the market.



Franchisees are the face of the Sentinel Homes national business. We needed to lead Sentinel Homes toward effective vision, mission and value statements that would drive collective growth and create a shared spirit of action.

We guided Sentinel Homes franchise owners and national directors through a visualisation process, focussing on the future of their organisation, clarifying the underlying reasons the business exits, and developing the values and beliefs that would guide their team as they take action to realise their vision and mission. The workshop setting and ongoing discussions enabled senior leaders and franchise owners to share their views collectively.

Together we prioritised the process of developing Sentinel Homes’ Vision, Mission and Values. The process enabled the team to ask questions and make everything they do more meaningful. Sentinel Homes are now able to function better as a unified entity with many intelligent and passionate people sharing the same central reason for doing what they do.

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The national team of directors and franchise owners at Sentinel Homes are now able to function as a unified entity with many intelligent people sharing the same central reason for doing what they do. Clearly communicating the vision and mission of Sentinel Homes has built trust, creating a culture where franchise owners are committed to helping each other live out the vision. Finally, the VMV statements have also created a compass for Sentinel Homes. These statements create a clear, obvious and consistent direction through all of the micro seasons that the team will face.