Building Better Business Outcomes

Partnering with Delfast to develop an integrated marketing growth system and strengthened brand.

Solution: Brand Strategy, Growth Acceleration, Outsourced Partnership

Outcomes: Brand Strategy and Brand Identity , Integrated Marketing Communications, Website development, Social Media Content Creation and Strategy, Event Marketing and Communications , Graphic Design, Photography and Video, Brand Story Creation, Campaign Plan and Design, Digital Strategy

Competing with market leaders is challenging. When we met Delfast, we could see an exceptionally run company that had the opportunity to completely disrupt their category, not just exist in it. 



Delfast is a kiwi company providing tools, staples, and nails for agriculture, construction and manufacturing industries in New Zealand. Delfast came to SWARM Strategy as a fast growing kiwi business without any marketing growth systems in place. We’ve partnered with Delfast to strengthen their brand and developed strategic deliverables that have brought growth and a greater brand presence.

Building New Zealand

The team at Delfast are no strangers to hard work, and they’re committed to supporting the industries at the heart of New Zealand. We’re convinced that Delfast is a brand that deserves New Zealand’s attention, so we’ve begun a partnership to make sure the rest of the country can see for themselves.

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Delfast’s tool innovation and excellence is truly outstanding, and we needed to develop the brand to reflect this to the market. We’ve worked with Delfast to get away from trying to ‘beat the competition’, so they could ‘make the competition irrelevant’. Strategy was developed, marketing initiatives implemented and a new Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy laid out to shift away from competing to creating.