Case Study: Bringing a SWISS Brand To New Zealand Consumers Aged 50+


One of the largest and progressive Hearing Aid Manufacturers, Bernafon - based in Bern Switzerland, had developed and produced an exciting new product for market. 

SWARM Strategy had the privilege of developing a lead generation and go-to-market, omni channel marketing strategy for Bernafon’s ‘ZERENA’ hearing aid.

We partnered with New Zealand’s largest independently owned hearing aid retailer, Hearing Technology, to connect this product to the consumer. 



After familiarising ourselves with the scope of this products value and gaining a deep understanding of the consumer needs in this category we were able to begin designing a bespoke go-to-market strategy to excite the New Zealand 50+ public about the product so much so that they were willing to apply for an in-clinic demo.

We devised a brand strategy and positioning strategy to set this unique product apart in a very cluttered category. We were careful to leverage core Bernafon brand assets like its SWISS origins, red and white associations to Switzerland and attractive European product design elegance.

The positioning in the market and strong visual identity gave the brand a strong strategic foundation for building a bold digital marketing strategy. So off we set, utilising Facebook for business’ wide range of consumer-moving tools as well as our internal suite of intelligence for generating quality leads. 


  • Positioning Strategy
  • Market Knowledge & Consumer Insights
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Lead Generation Strategy


Insight #1

Elderly consumers are now more advanced users of social platforms and are watching more video content than ever before on SM. Facebook for seniors is responsive, especially in the 55-70 range. Raise the quality of your video content and boost and target the video to enhance accuracy of the reach. 

Insight #2

Use examples instead of statistics. Seniors are unimpressed with numbers. They are, however, impressed with examples of an individual with whom they can identify, who uses a certain product or service. An example might be a celebrity or other recognisable individual who shares that: “I use it,” or “I wear it,” or “I drive it,” or “I drink it.” It's not only celebrities that have resonance with elderly consumers, consider having more people like your ideal target group appear on your video or print content. However, keep in mind that video is more believable and 4 times more affective as click-bait than still media. 

Insight #3

Resistance to change and dedication to tradition are important characteristics of the senior market. Avoid the suggestion of change and newness as much as possible. For example, market your products as simple to use, non-disruptive to one’s lifestyle and something that makes life more comfortable. Also consider features that enhance a current state, rather than disrupt it. 

Insight #4

The idea of exclusivity works well with seniors. Members of the mature market are especially prone to buying products and services that aren’t necessarily available to everyone. They appreciate being acknowledged and rewarded as well. Hence the success of Gold card and other such services. 

Insight #5

Some seniors feel that their age gives them status, while others feel crushed by the ageing process. Be aware of those dichotomous perceptions as you create your advertising. Also, be aware that even though 70% of people over 70 have some sort of chronic health condition, they tend not to dwell on it, and neither should your marketing.

Byron Marchant