Leap Strategy

SWARM Strategy has built capabilities, over more than a decade, to bring about a Leap Strategy™  to companies, organisations and leaders.

Leap Strategy is required once you, sense or explicitly know, that you have exhausted the value or momentum of the existing system or paradigm. This is when you acknowledge that regardless of whether you worked harder (more effort), Smarter (more tactics), or More Excellent (did it all Better), you would not make the Leap you desire or need. 

Leap Strategy is about creating an entirely new System Of Value in order to experience exponential outcomes, scaled up results, new bursts of momentum and life. 

You cannot access your ‘Leap Potential' if your organisation remains;

  1. Complacent - especially with current success
  2. Repetitive - be willing to completely abandon best practice in favour of new practice
  3. Protective - preserving the status quo is not a strategy

3 Innovator Instincts that leads to Leap;

  1. Insatiable - incapable of being satisfied or appeased - hunger & hustle!
  2. Curious - don't live with answers, live for answers.
  3. Willing to destroy - Be willing to 'break & wait'. Break down and wait to see what emerges.

Final keys to accessing your Leap Potential;

The early objective in pursuit of a Leap Strategy is to achieve 'Cause Clarity' and find different 'ways' to pursue it. Then test the effectiveness of your 'ways', then multiply what is effective.

Leaps happen at intersections. Innovative leaders have the ability to intentionally create environments, moments and seasons wherein different industries, perspectives, cultures, etc. can converge. That Intersection represents a place that drastically increases the chances for unusual  combinations to occur.


Byron Marchant