Internal Marketing: Strategy To Transform A Customer Contact Centre

In a recent internal marketing project — Database marketing and mining. We formulated a strategy for the client-company that systematically worked to disrupt, repurpose and optimise their contact centre;

 a. Cross platform, multi channel client & prospect contact

 b. To significantly lift the volume of database related business

 c. To optimise the operations of the contact centre to more effectively contribute to overarching company objectives. 


The reality is the contact centres are the most common communications channel between customers/consumers and the organisation. Instead of being a silo’d operation with separate KPI’s, it should be acknowledged that the contact centre plays a critical role in supporting the corporate strategy and influencing customer satisfaction, loyalty and preference. 

In forming a strategy it is important to recognise that there are key cultural, technical and operational obstacles that must be identified and addressed. In addition to this the strategy must ensure the Contact Centre is integrated across the numerous departments/functions and they are competent in supporting cross-channel communications (including newer digital channels). 


Here is a summary of the framework we established for evaluating, reforming and rolling-out the new and optimised Contact Centre;

  • Discovery - the “as is”
  • Distillation - what works and is perhaps salvageable
  • Determination - the testing and agreement of the “to be” objectives
  • Demarcation - who will do what and how
  • Deployment - project roll-out
  • Deconstruction - onward calibration of key metrics against origination objectives.

In addition to this; here is an ongoing strategic framework to keep your Contact Centre at the cutting edge and highly optimised;

  • Define your customers – who they are and what do they want?.
  • Define what makes your business different; price?
  • Define your primary customer journeys – 80% of interactions are typically about a small number of things.
  • Optimise and streamline these journeys and processes so that they require as little effort from the customer as possible to get what they want. In other words, reduce friction.
  • Map the best people in your organisation to these processes.
  • Weave technology around them to drive efficiency and economies of scale.
  • Use analytics and real-time monitoring to drive continuous improvement and then go back to step one.

I hope this brief overview of Contact Centre strategy helps you think more critically about this key organisational operation. 

If you would like to have a discussion about where your sales or contact centre may be right now, or how to effectively mine and market to your database, then contact me direct. We are specialist and have proven systems and strategy to lift internal marketing performance. 

Let’s talk soon,