Reinventing YOU!

The ability to reinvent yourself is a valuable quality but can also incredible elusive. This topic deserves a blog post as I believe that to hit the sweet-spot with self-reinvention is a key ‘scaler’ in modern day business.

The world we currently live in has delivered you a gift, it’s the gift of leverage - leverage to make a difference, leverage to spread your ideas, leverage to scale wide and to scale deep. More people have more leverage (more power & more opportunity) to change the world than at any other time in history. However, in my experience the most successful people at achieving this type of leverage are also those who have been able to build, manage and innovate their themselves first as the lessons, principles and rules are the same.

Just as established products and brands need updating to stay alive and vibrant, you periodically need to refresh or reinvent yourself. The following are my hard fought, hard earned lessons of how to Reinvent Yourself.

Here are 4 power-points for Reinventing Yourself;

  1. Socialise Yourself

Social media can be the biggest waste of time, or it can be your gateway to rapid connection, scaled influence and precise interactions. 

Social media is a scaler of your reach - and through the right use of reach you gain influence, authority & power. We were isolated and limited, but now we are connected and empowered - are you making the most of this new connected economy? 

There was a time where we would ask someone around us, “what’s that person like…?” - Now, our first port-of-call is to turn to the search function on social media and look back on the recent life of that person - as depicted through their posts. To which we would make a snap-judgment about them. If I were to look at your social media posts from the last 3 months, what would it say about you? That snap-judgment could help or hinder you in your quest to reinventing yourself. 

Ignore social platforms and you will exist just fine. Leverage them and significantly increase your chances of gaining influence, authority and power.

Key: It’s called ‘Social Media’ not ‘Selling Media’ - honour that by how you use it. Connect, interact, share, give, celebrate, socialise and generously add value to the online community.

2.  Don’t Be A Tuned-Out Leader

As people rise in status/power within an organisation or even in social circles, the number of people willing or courageous enough to speak to them honestly about their quirks shrinks. Tuned-out leaders can see themselves as more effective than what other see them as. 

A 360-degree evaluation applies the power of seeing ourselves through the eyes of others, which offers another pathway towards a more effective, innovative and ultimately self-aware you. How others see you is also impacted on by how they hear you. Research has found that when people receive negative performance feedback in a warm, supportive tone of voice, they leave feeling positive—despite the negative feedback. But when they get positive performance reviews in a cold and distant tone of voice, they end up feeling bad despite the good news.

In the quest to reinvent oneself you can make some significant changes yet overlook some of the softer and as critical parts of shaping a reinvention path - like self awareness and understanding how it is you come across in your verbal and nonverbal communications. Ignore this and remain stuck in your unhelpful identity.

Key: Perform a self appraisal, peer appraisal, subordinates appraisal and a superiors appraisal of yourself. Match the outcomes and begin planning your path to change.

3.  Problems

“If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it,” Albert Einstein

As we work with New Zealand and Australian businesses and entrepreneurs in the reinvention process, we spend extensive time helping them get to the real problem they are seeking to solve. When developing new products, processes, or even businesses, most companies aren’t sufficiently rigorous in defining the problems they’re attempting to solve and articulating why those issues are important. It is the same for personal branding and self-reinvention. Does the new you meet a felt need now, but more importantly, is ‘Solution You’ relevant to our future? 

What is the problem you solve - Can you articulate the problem in the simplest terms possible?

When you can be clear and even compelling with this step, you will begin to create demand for the reinvented you. Your brand will eventually attract what others pursue. Learn how to deepen the frustration and tighten the passion amongst your target audiences with a compelling articulated/presented ‘problem’ and show how ‘You’ are the critical solution to that problem. 

Also, a clear understanding of the right problem will guide you to know what you need to do to re-invent yourself - what you need to learn, what value you need to build in, where to position yourself, etc.

4. Value Creation

You can create new value; you can create more value; or you can create better value. New value is the most difficult strategy. The second strategy, creating more value, is much easier because you’re working with something you already have. The third strategy, creating better value, is also easier because again, it’s an extension of what you are currently doing.

New Value - This is the most challenging as it requires breaking new ground, educating people, communication a new strategy and then concept-adoption time needs to be factored in. This is the most costly (in more ways than one), time intensive and risk laden strategy.

More value - Get yourself on par with others in the same category meeting the same need, then find a point for divergence. Play the same game long enough, then incrementally add more value into your offering until you make the alternative/other options irrelevant. In the early phases you must be prepared to be a giver. Give away value where others expect to be paid for it. 

Better Value - In some ways this is similar to ‘More Value’. But instead of focusing on increasing the quantity only, you now begin to lift the quality of the value being offered. More impactful, influential, dramatic, and remarkable outcomes are the focus with this strategy. Better value strategy builds off a More value strategy.

Value creation is how you differentiate yourself and drive what will one day become exponential demand for the reinvented you.


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