Marketing & Branding Plans

Let's get some clarity on the difference between marketing and branding. They are not the same thing and both are necessary to have a successful business. There are some major differences between the two and knowing them can mean the difference between longterm success and simply being a flash-in-the-pan. 

Some people focus all of their efforts on marketing (which is essentially just them advertising) and don't think of themselves as a brand and therefore put zero focus on establishing their brand. Some consumers tolerate aggressive advertising campaigns but the majority despise it.

A marketing plan will include advertising and branding strategy because marketing is the term to describe the over-arching set of strategy and tactics that builds a successful market presence that drives consumer demand. 

Firstly, if your 'marketing' plan is just about rapid-fire scattergun advertising, then you have simply made a commitment to burning money and credibility with consumers. Your marketing plan should incorporate a conversion-centric advertising plan that is supplemented by a sustainable and concise brand strategy plan. 

Marketing tactics, advertising campaigns, products and services all evolve, dissolve and change but branding lasts forever. Many organisations I come across have been 'marketing' for a long time but are no closer to a brand that has any measure of equity with consumers. 

Don't go another day without addressing your brand strategy because the stronger your brand, the more effective your marketing & sales strategy will be. 

Here Are A few Brand Strategy Questions To Get You Started:

  • What are the visual elements that constitute our visual brand identity?
  • What is our language and communications strategy?
  • What are the non-negotiable quality standards for our brand?
  • What is our brand story for that needs to be prominent at this stage of our organisations life-stage?

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