Byron Marchant.

Byron Marchant is a disruptor & strategist with an undeniable effectiveness, passion for ambitious ideas and a love of problem solving.  Byron offers tailored presentations for conferences, workshops, staff retreats and other events that are deliberately designed to provoke and challenge thinking. He has found the sweet-spot of combining fresh, consumer-focused yet competition-minded, non-linear thinking to ensure his strategies are disruptive, yet practical.

Ask Yourself

  • Is your organisation being digitally disrupted?
  • Does your future strategy lack clarity and buy-in?
  • Is your analogue business model ready for the digital future?
  • What is the right set of moves to drive growth quickly and profitably?
  • Are your teams inspired by your brand’s 2020 Vision?
  • Do your leaders and staff suffer from change fatigue?
Leaders don’t focus on the gap between them and their competitors. But on the gap between themselves and their own potential. That’s the focus that catapults you into new realities and out of the slow path of incrementalism
— Byron Marchant
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Keynote Themes


Growth Acceleration / Exponential

The world we live in is filled with incredible opportunities to experience sustainable exponential outcomes. Is that the world you live in? The talks under this theme are designed to be practical, inspirational, disruptive and pivotal in the life of teams and organisations.


crafting social strategy

Entry-level or in-depth sessions covering a range of the latest trends, topics, platforms, and how social media continues to influence the business world. You'll come away inspired and equipped with actionable tactics for achieving social marketing effectiveness.


Digital transformation / digital strategy

Companies know they must embrace digital to grow, but too often they start the process at the end – with technology. Only through deep insights about digital era we operate in can companies pinpoint the right innovation opportunities and brand experiences required. If it's time to fast-track into the digital era, these talks are key.


Medical marketing & strategy

In today’s business environment - and make no mistake about it, medicine today is a business - marketing is now more important than ever. Byron has unique experiences and expertise in building & executing medical marketing strategies - and in this theme of talks he shares his unique insights and tactics.

Brand Strategy / performance based marketing

When your brand strategy and the experience you deliver to consumers are inextricably linked, you’ll achieve increased demand, greater share of wallet and loyalty levels competitors will envy. But do you know where to begin, how to make it compelling, and how to leverage it to achieve overarching objectives?


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