The Brand Strategy System

Understand your buyer psychology, measure your brand’s impact using modern data tools, and create messaging that leaves a smile in the mind.


The Question

How will this Brand Strategy System help?

For digital marketing communications to be effective, they need to clearly highlight the unique, differentiating benefits of the brand they are promoting.

The aim of this system is to develop a stunningly clear understanding and strategy that impacts on every aspect of your companies brand framework

i.e. visual identity, messaging framework, positioning, competitive advantage, leverage-points, and more


The Solution


This strategic brand building process will enable you to:

  • Complete your strategic brand roadmap

  • Revamp your messaging to influence behaviour

  • Discover your marketable competitive advantages

  • Improve your brand story

  • Create a compelling brand vision

  • Reduce promotional wastage, increase profitable awareness

  • Understand how to compellingly present yourself on media channels

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The Process

  1. Initial Getting Started Discovery Meeting

    During this call we’ll learn about your current marketing efforts as well as future goals and objectives.

  2. SWARM Strategy Team will research, plan, develop and document your Brand Strategy System

  3. Priority Growth Recommendations

    From our research and an audit of your existing brand, marketing and online presence we’ll recommend the highest-impact activities you need to consider fixing or implementing today.

  4. Presentation of Findings

    Once we complete our work we’ll schedule a time to meet with you and your team via video chat to deliver the items above and map out what we believe is the best strategic approach for you to take with your marketing. From this point, you’ll have several options for how you put our recommendations into action. - We can teach you or your staff to do it or we can do it for you.


The Start

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