We build relentlessly relevant brands.


We build brands that drive change and empower diversity of thought. Discover more about how we work closely with our clients to deliver successful brands that engage, surprise and connect.


Branding To Influence

We’ll help you understand the social dynamics that cause an idea to spread, and how to build those dynamics into your brand.

Brand Clarity

Defining your brand’s purpose, value and mission. Identifying what unique capabilities your brand possesses and can deliver digitally.

Branding & Digital Consumers

The adoption of digital technologies by consumers has created a far more complex landscape for brand marketers. Today, a brand can still be defined by the space it holds in the heart, mind and wallet of users, but that space is increasingly — exponentially — determined by your brand’s digital efforts.

Vision Mission Values (VMV)

If the vision is the goal of your brand, the mission is its rallying cry. The mission is the expression of what an organisation does. Values are the foundational pillars of the brand and define how the mission is achieved.

Differentiation Strategy

The most successful brands are ones that set expectations rather than simply recreate the status quo. They will be able to anticipate and shape the digitized world we will live in, rather than develop ideas for the world as it exists today. This requires thinking beyond a brand’s narrow category of competitors. SWARM are the titans of differentiating brands for the purpose of driving strategy that has not been considered, and outcomes that have not been seen.


Rebranding is the process of developing a new identity for an organisation that can be clearly understood and believed by the target audience. That includes logo identity, messaging frameworks, colour systems, and other elements that impact on snap judgements as well as a long-term relationship with the brand. Our rebranding process is designed to intensify the relationship that people have with your brand, by significantly raising the ‘relevance score’ of your brand.


A good brand can lead to better customer loyalty, enhanced company image, and a more relatable identity. When developed properly, your brand strategy enables you to be relevant, purposeful, innovative, inspiring, profitable and clear.




“…Since our first transaction with SWARM early 2018, the last 12 months has been nothing but top-shelf, high-quality level of work.

SWARM was able to deliver a clean, engaging and inspiring brand that we were all very impressed with and fell in love with here at Paydby. Byron and the team managed to captivate and execute our vision in very effective scoping sessions.

This showcased their professionalism, passion, talents, attention to detail and the ability to draw out information effectively. The level of accuracy and detail of what they created for our business is not ordinary.

After scoping out marketing/strategy firms in Australia prior to SWARM, we were convinced that SWARM were on a different level in terms of creativity and vision and we wanted to partner with this.”

- Mikey, Paydby


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